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Looking back now, it was in the year 1993, I first thought of sitting for TOEFL/IELTS. An uncle of mine was settled in Boston with his family and after finishing school, the attraction to go abroad to a foreign university for my further studies was topmost on my priority list. Unfortunately, back, then and even today, there are no coaching institutes for TOEFL and IELTS in Mussoorie, Eden of the North.


The fact that we had very slow dial-up internet wasn’t too helpful giving us the kind of information we needed for preparing us for courses which would give us our ticket to go abroad. Today, all that has changed. It is all a click away. Thanks to the new technology and places where these courses are available, that the next generation can make their dream of going abroad a reality.


While TOEFL and IELTS were considered mandatory to qualify before you could even think of moving to Canada, Australia or any other English speaking country of your choice, the way to go about it was not clear way back in the 1990’s. Recently, a friend and his Russian wife, sat for TOEFL, for them every information was just a click away and they dint have to put that many hours preparing for the exam. Online forms, information and instructions worked for them, and for those who aren’t too net savvy, IELTS coaching institutes have sprung up in the Dehradun to help and assist those who want to Master the English language.


I wish we had these IELTS Coaching centres when I thought of sitting for TOEFL, where I could prepare in advance and score better. I feel that the next next generation is more blessed in that field as they have Best IELTS coaching centre in Dehradun which prepare them not only in the language but also council them about what is in store for them towards STUDY ABROAD  in the University of their choice.


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