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Pearson Test of English

Pearson Language Tests is a unit of the Pearson PLC group, dedicated to assessing and validating the English language usage of non-native English speakers. The tests include PTE Academic, PTE General (formerly London Tests of English), and PTE Young Learners (formerly London Tests of English for Children). These are scenario-based exams, accredited by the QCA and administered in association with Edexcel, the UK’s largest examining body.

Pearson Test of English Academic

The Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) is an English language test designed to assess the readiness of non-native English speakers to participate in a university-level English language instruction program. Pearson created PTE Academic in response to demand from institutions, government and other organizations for a more accurate way of testing non - native English language students who enter the English-speaking academia world.

Pearson created PTE Academic in response to demand from institutions, government and other organisations for a more accurate way of testing non - native English language students who enter the English-speaking academia world with unrealistic expectations of university and business life after taking other English language proficiency test

A new computer based test which accurately measures the Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking ability of test takers

  •   Endorsed by GMAC – owners of GMAT
  •   Approved by the UKBA, DIBP and INZ
  •   Accepted by more than 3000 programmes worldwide and the list is growing……

Pearson Test of English General

PTE General

Pearson Test of English General (PTE General) is an assessment solution at six levels of proficiency, which assesses and accredits general English language ability. All levels of PTE General are recognized globally and are accepted by universities, employers and national education authorities in many countries as evidence of a required level of English. The six levels of the test are provided in partnership with Edexcel Limited, the largest UK awarding body for academic and vocational qualifications.

PTE Young Learner test

PTE Young Learners are international English language exams for young children (aged from 7 to 12) who are learning English as a foreign language (EFL). They test the four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

PTE Young Learners exams are based around the amusing adventures of the Brown family. The exams are theme based and designed to be fun and motivating. At the lower levels they aim to test how well children can use language structures and at the higher levels how well they can use language to complete communicative tasks. For this reason, the tests use real-life scenarios rather than grammatical exercises.



Question format



77 – 93 minutes

  •   Personal Introduction
  •   Read aloud
  •   Repeat sentence
  •   Describe image
  •   Re-tell lecture
  •   Answer short question
  •   Summarize written text (one sentence)
  •   Summarize written text (paragraph)
  •   Essay (20mins)


32 – 41 minutes

  •   Multiple choice questions (x2)
  •   Re-order paragraphs
  •   Fill in the blanks (x2)

BREAK 10 minutes A ten minute break is optional.

45 – 57 minutes

  •   Summarize spoken text
  •   Multiple choice
  •   Fill the blanks
  •   Highlight the correct summary
  •   Select missing word
  •   Highlight incorrect words
  •   Write from dictation


Global Recognition and Acceptance

PTE Academic is accepted by thousands of universities worldwide, including prestigious institutions such as Harvard Business School, INSEAD and Yale.

PTE Academic is also accepted for visa purposes by the UK and Australian governments.

Almost 3000 programs (worldwide) have recognised PTE Academic as of today. Representing more than 949,420 International applications per year.

It is accepted by over 150 institutions in Australia, including University of Adelaide, RMIT University, the University of New South Wales and 95% of TAFEs

96% UK Universities Accepted for Tier 4 visa applications.


  •   Students can register as late as 48 hours before the test
  •    Test results are available within just 5 business days
  •    A test taker can retest after only 5 days
  •    The test is conducted in a single sitting of just 3 hours
  •    Test takers can send scores free to any number of universities.
  •    Test dates are flexible and can be added on demand

A student can first see his score before deciding whether to send it or not



PTE Academic was created after years of research by some of the world’s leading experts in language assessment. Our advisory group includes language assessment experts who have helped to rethink the way we assess English: they created the Global Scale of English, which builds upon the Common European Framework and helps to show greater levels of progression for English learners.


We believe fair tests should be as accurate as possible. The purpose of assessment is to precisely capture a test taker's true level of ability. We believe

PTE Academic is the most accurate test of academic English in the world. We demonstrate the accuracy of our tests through a lower standard error of measurement and the precision of our scores


Assessment is not the same as judgment. We believe PTE Academic is the most objective test of academic English in the world. It doesn’t matter where your students come from or what they look like, PTE Academic only tests their English skills. You can therefore be sure that all PTE Academic test takers have been treated with complete fairness, and that you are not missing out on students because of unreliable test scores.


PTE Academic assesses English language skills in more ways than any other test. This means that your students will be more likely to cope well with the wide variety of tasks expected of them at your institution. PTE Academic students are required to prove their ability to effectively communicate in English, not their ability to memorize.



  •   IFS is one of the leading edu-corporates, with focus on diverse segments of education, across the globe.
  •   Led by a team of PTE Trainers, with a passion for excellence in education, IFS has shaped the lives and careers of many students.
  •   At IFS we 'enable individuals to realize their potential and achieve their dreams'. This is our core ideology and is firmly grounded on our focus on academic excellence, technological innovation, and deep rooted domain expertise built over close to two decades.
  •   We have state of the art infrastructure across and provide relevant course material to students.
  •   We provide both Offline and Online Mock test to students held on weekly basis.
  •   2 hours session per day along with the assessment.
  •   Small class size

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