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5 Reasons to learn English in today’s modern times.

According to McKinsey & Co.study, only 13% of graduates from developing countries are suitable for employment in MNC’s and the primary reason is lack of English skills. Yes, it was a shock to me as well but then after doing research, I realized that it is indeed true. Here at Innovative Future Steps, we bring out the following reasons into light as to why English is so important in today’s times.

1)The Language of Communication:-
English is the third most popular language after Spanish and Mandarin but that is not all. English has become the language of digital communication. Mostly all the software, Operating Systems, and websites are programmed with the help of English language.

2)Job Opportunities:-
Knowing a language opens numerous doors of success and knowing the language which is widely spoken in some of the major countries like the U.S.A, U.K, Australia etc.not only gives you a large number of career opportunities but also makes you more sought after employee.

3)Keeps on Evolving:-
Why is Sanskrit dying like some other languages in the world? It is because these languages are very rigid and there is only one correct way to speak or learn them because of which it did not evolve over the period of time. Whereas English is concerned it keeps on evolving with the new generation. For instance selfie, hashtag which were uncommon words in earlier time has now found there way in.

4)Builds Confidence:-
Yes, it is true. It helps you to have more confidence in yourself. People at times think why do they need to learn another language when they have their own mother tongue. To cite an interesting fact that bilingualism keeps the mind healthy and strong. It helps in memory retention and makes a person more creative.

5)Major Source of Entertainment:-
Last but not the least English is a major source of entertainment. All great novels and movies are either created in English Language or translated into it. Hollywood is a powerhouse of show-business and hence most movies are often made in the English language and to enjoy those we really need to know the language of entertainment.

At Innovative Future Steps, we take your aspirations seriously and want you to achieve all the success in life. If English is your weakness, fear it no more. We build English skills from the basic level so that you reach your career potential. Our certified trainer consistently provides high-quality instruction to all the students. We have a proven track record in terms of our student achieving success be it in IELTS, PTE or everyday life. So open the doors of opportunities and come learn with us.

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