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A Dream Come True. Credits Innovative Future Steps

I remember when I was a little girl and despised the thought of becoming an engineer in future just because it was too common and everyone was doing it. I did not want to be another cliche. I was always fascinated by biology and impressive in mathematics for my own good. The thought of never studying mathematics if I took medical as my profession and vice-versa for engineering was never acceptable to me.

One day when I was reading my bulky and chunky biology book I came across a chapter named Biomedical Engineering and to this day I can vividly recall my amazed face. I was so enamoured by all the fancy machinery like MRI scan, CT scan etc. That day it finally dawned on me that I wanted to be a Biomedical Engineer and yes I did become one.

But the reality hit me hard after four years of college when I realized there are not many jobs in India for Biomedical Engineer and if there are it is all taken up by Electrical Engineering Students. I never wanted to end up in IT sector because biomedical engineering was my dream right.

I almost lost all hope when my friends suggested me to apply abroad for higher education in the same field. However, I did not know a thing about the application and VISA processing. This is where Innovative Future Steps played a major role in my life. Their expert guidance helped me to overcome all the barriers I was facing. From the start of the application to preparing me for VISA interview, it was all done by Innovative Future Steps. Not only did they help me with application process but also advised me on the programs I might be interested and which are better suitable for my profile.

Today, I want to take this opportunity and express my heartfelt gratitude to Innovative Future Steps in making my dream come true. The only regret I have is not knowing about Innovative Future Steps one year ago otherwise I would have been a year closer to achieving success. Nevertheless, I will attain my dream and soon will be flying overseas. This was possible only because of Innovative Future Steps right mentoring and guidance at the time when I needed it most.

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