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Who Earns Biggest Bucks In Australia?

Highest Paid Jobs in Australia
Australia is one of the biggest countries; it’s a continent in itself. To correlate its humongous size, it is two times the size of India. Do you know Australia’s population is much less than that of Uttar Pradesh, a state in India? Job opportunities are high and demands for skilled workers are ever increasing in Australia. Here at Innovative Future Steps, we have collaborated some of the highest paid jobs in Australia. Not only this but also Innovative Future Steps all-round development helps you to become one of the runners in highest paid leagues.

The following are the highest paid Industry in Australia:-

Medical Practitioner- According to Australia Taxation Office’s (ATO) medical professionals are the one who gets biggest bucks especially Surgeons and Anaesthetists having whooping $361,202 AUD salary per annum. The University of Sydney offers 7 years MD double degree program which is coveted by many aspirants.

Architects: – Next in the race comes architects which have seen 2% growth in previous years. RMIT University in Australia provides one of the best architecture undergraduate and graduate programs.

Management: – The field of management which is one of the biggest industries mainly in relation to engineering industry comes under one of the highest paid jobs. IT professionals and Community Technology professional also comes under this. University of Melbourne and UNSW in Australia are top ranking universities which provide engineering and management courses. They both are ranked in top 50 of the world

Mining, Resources, and Energy: – Mining engineers take approximately $166,410 AUD which is more than 90 lakhs in INR. Not only the salary but also Australia has seen a great increase in this field. M.Eng and M.Phil from the University of Adelaide are regarded to be a top notch.

Construction: – Construction industry is considered one of the highest paid jobs in Australia with an average salary of $106,693 AUD which is more than 60 lakhs in INR. Bachelor of Construction Management and Bachelor of Arts International Studies from the University of Technology Sydney is deemed to be best in the world.

But that is not all. There has been the biggest increase in demand for Digital Literacy, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Presentation skills. These soft-skills have seen the highest rise in job demands. When compared with another profession if you possess these skills you can increase your pay by 5 lakhs per annum or more. At Innovative Future Steps, we not only prepare you for your IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE but also work on your overall personality development. Our certified trainers and out of the box thinking keep you on your toes. The aim of Innovative Future Steps is to increase the retention capacity of students while developing their interpersonal skills. IFS does not believe in the traditional method of teaching and is of opinion that new generation needs much more than just spoon feeding. Adaption is what we believe in and learning needs to be improved with new and modern generation. At Innovative Future Steps, we aim to broaden your horizon and helps you to achieve your dreams.

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