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Harsh Reality Hits Indian Engineering Students.

India’s Present Scenario
It is estimated that about six lakh information technology professionals will lose their jobs in upcoming years. Not only this but also students graduating from highly qualified universities with skills and aspirations sooner or later change their course to financials, management or consulting. Did you know approximately 60% of engineering graduates are unemployed in India? Still, the question arises as to why India is one of the largest producers of Engineers. Where does all the talent go? Why do Indian Engineers not get jobs? Why the USA exports most of its skilled engineers from India? Why many Engineers go and study overseas.
Questions are many but reasons are unknown. At Innovative Future Steps, we did research on present scenario of India and we came up with following reasons as to why Indian students choose Engineering in spite of no jobs in India.

1) Family Pressure:-
Mostly Indian Parents expect their sons to grow up to be an engineer. As they are the one paying fees, students let them call shots.

2) Government Jobs:-
Students think after getting an engineering degree they will be better qualified for government job expecting easy and comfortable life.

3) Pursuit of an MBA degree:-
After engineering, MBA degree is their target. Getting an MBA degree is a step towards a successful future. A future that is full of a high salary package.

4) Safe Choice(Stable Career):-
Engineering is considered to be a safe choice. Students don’t wish to be a qualified engineer. They wish to get four years time to figure life out and what they really aspire to be.

5) Following a Trend:-
As we have seen in India people tend to follow others rather than taking a road that has not been trodden over. The expert says approximately 1.5 million engineers graduate every year

6) Glorified Life:-
Engineers lead a respectful life even when they are jobless. Society has glorified engineering profession.

7) Ignorance:-
Most of the students taking up engineering as a profession are not well aware of their passion or the career options. After 4 years of engineering, they realize what they want to do causing them wastage of four years of their life.

We at Innovative future steps understand your dream and yes we agree not always we are aware of our passion and that’s why our experienced counselors and mentors give you career counseling and if your dream is to be an engineer but you weren’t able to get into IIT’s, study overseas is always a better choice. Innovative Future Steps focuses on your overall development and make you aware of all the possibilities and career options one can choose from. Not only it gives career counseling but also prepares you for IELTS, PTE and TOEFL tests. There is more to life and let Innovative Future Steps figure it for you. So, spread your wings and broaden your horizon @ Innovative Future Steps.

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