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Business communication is the sharing of information between people within an organisation. It can also be defined as relaying of information within a business.

Business communication is performed by relaying information to people throughout the organization in many different ways. Some of these methods include the phone, email, and in person. All methods have different factors to whether or not they are effective. The definition of business communication includes all departments, staff, clients, and people involved are aware of what is going on and there is no confusion.

Communication is one of the most important factors in any organization or relationship. Without communication, things do not work properly and can be mixed up. When you can communicate properly in a business then things run smoothly and there is no confusion. Today, technology has allowed for many outlets and highways of communication to take place through the use of cell phones, pagers, email, and even holding old fashioned meetings.

Speaking to someone in person is the best method of business communication. Technology has allowed you to communicate with people around the world through other methods to save company money. However, when you speak to someone in person it is more certain that there will not be any misunderstanding when you walk away from the conversation. Today, you can set up a web conference if you want to meet with someone in person on the other side of the world. This still allows you to have face-to-face meetings without being in the same room.

The defination of business communication has many forms and many different methods with a company. The goal is to relay a message to another person successfully without there being any confusion about what you mean. Misunderstandings occur all of the time and some people are easily offended. It is important to be aware of issues that might arise with attitudes and the way messages need to be conveyed.


  •   Communication is one of the most fundamental and critical requisites for the progressive and harmonious interaction, survival and development of humanity.
  •   These skills help in the quick and effective processing of information and on the same time helps in identifying and dealing away with communication barriers.
  •   Communication plays a part in almost every aspect of your business, so being able to communicate well can boost your overall performance. Good communication is essential to building a cohesive and effective team. Good communication skills are essential to managing the performance of your team members, and if you know how to communicate well to large groups you can minimise the risk of industrial problems developing in your workplace.
  •   Good Business Communication means being able to foster a work environment where people treat each other fairly, where they respect each other’s opinions and where there is a minimum of anti-social behaviour such as backbiting or rumour mongering. Good communication skills are a key part of managing individual employee performance. If you have good communication skills, you will know how to give clear feedback on performance while not denting people’s self-esteem.
  •   Good communication skills also help when you are dealing with suppliers and clients.


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