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English is the language of Communication for the majority of the world’s population. It is the official language in over 50 countries around the world. The total number of people who can speak English, including those who speak it as a second language is well over a billion!

Majority of people who try to learn Spoken English, do not succeed because the Learning Environment and Method is not ideal. The traditional courses focused more on mugging grammar and missed the ultimate target i.e. to speak fluent English with correct pronunciation.

In brief spoken English means the ways in which the English language is transmitted through a conventional system of sounds. Compare to written English.

Spoken English is "the more natural and widespread mode of transmission, though ironically the one which most people find much less familiar--presumably because it is so much more difficult to 'see' what is happening in speech than in writing.



Today "English" is the most spoken and written language on the earth and therefore it is considered as an universal language. At everywhere, English is the most commonly used language among the people to communicate with each other.

If you want to be in a good profession, then a great communication skill is required. Without this merely you may be a good employer but not the best. English language immediately opens up new opportunities from all over the world. Being able to communicate with foreign clients and business partners will provide you a more challenging and high position in your career growth.

If you are a good listener and speaker of English then certainly you are going to get more benefits from all the way. You will also have the option to apply for the various jobs and opportunities. I mean to say that if you don't have a good communication skill then you won't be able to get so many chances in your professional career and you may loose several opportunities as well.

Communication skill plays an important role to make your career booming and an impressive. In one word we can say that for better career, life and developed society we will have to create a good environment in which English speaking as well as writing must be necessary. So that we could express our ideas and feelings among our friends and relations.

English language is also recognized as the language of science on an international level. Most of the information is described into English. if you want to increase your idea, knowledge then you will must have to follow this, also if you want to share your thoughts and vision among the groups and societies and everywhere. English will give you unlimited benefits.

English speaking is much easier to learn as compared to the other languages of world. If you go for it then you will do it quite easily. It is so easy that you can't ever imagine, if you do it with all your passion and efforts. Learning English isn't just about communication or professional purpose, it will also give you advantages you had never imagined. Learning English can change your life completely for the better future.


The spoken English Course designed by “IFS” focuses more on sharpening your skills that are used in effective communication.

At IFS Dehradun we have such a comprehensive and effective program that will help you improve your Language learning speeds by up to 10 times.

Register yourself with IFS and avail the following benefits:

  •   Trained faculty which creates a friendly environment using various Audio – Visual and Online Techniques.
  •   Out of the box training methods focused on improving basic grammar and building a strong vocabulary.
  •   Special emphasis on improving pronunciation skills.
  •   We have an advanced level weekly assessment system to keep a check on every individuals grasping power and monitor their progress in learning the English Language.
  •   Special emphasis on building a positive attitude, improving confidence, presentation skills and positive body Language.
  •   Introduction to Personality Development Skills

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